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About Weigand & Partners

Weigand & Partners (W&P) was born in 2018 from the vision of its founding partners to provide comprehensive legal solutions to its clients. Since then, the firm has worked closely with its clients to ensure that their growth is maximized in accordance with the intricacies of the Philippine legal system. Hence, the firm decided to adopt “Where every client is a partner” as its slogan, to signify the synergistic approach it has taken when it comes to providing services.

The founding partners were members of a specialized law firm in Makati, Philippines, where they observed a trend that businesses nowadays have varied needs covering intersecting legal fields. This has become more apparent when the partners were selected as consultants for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) where they provided interdisciplinary expertise in order to make the endeavor successful. The partners then proceeded to focus on providing solutions centered on business-related laws, such as a taxation, corporate law, intellectual property, labor law and the like.

In W&P, all clients are our partners, and their success is our success.

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to partner with clients in proactively coming up with innovative and responsive solutions that address their unique needs. We match every client with a partner having the right experience and knowledge. Whether you are a medium-sized business or a sole proprietor, a stock or non-stock company, an individual with complex or straightforward legal affairs, Weigand & Partners has the knowledge and the expertise to match your particular needs.

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When you send us an inquiry via our contact form, we will process your personal data and the information stated by you in the contact form in order to answer you. Our legal basis for processing your personal data can be found in the Data Privacy Act on processing on the basis of a legitimate interest, where your interests are not overriden because we are processing no more than what is strictly necessary to answer your inquiry.

We will store your information for three months, upon which it will be erased. If the contract develops into actual legal advice on your request, you will become subject to our general Personal Data Policy.

The paragraphs of our Personal Data Policy concerning W&P as data controller (‘Contact Information’), our use of data processors (‘Disclosure and transfer of personal data’), your personal rights (‘Rights’) and guidelines for making a complaint (‘Lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority’) also apply to contact via the contact form.